2023 Science Fair Winners

CONGRATULATIONS to all the 2023 Science Fair participants!

Below is the list of the Science Fair winners from each grade level:

Melting Chocolate- Freya Schumacher – McKinley Thatcher Elementary
Natural Grody Stain- Wyatt Solesbee – Inspire Elementary
How Fast Can Oil and Vinegar Separate? – Bennett A Dewees- Steele Elementary

Keep on Floating – Amelia Pickett – Carson Elementary
The Power of Disinfectants – Rockett Vega -Butler -Steele Elementary
Sports Hydration – Everett Muther – Inspire Elementary

What’s the Stickiest Adhesive ? Max McLaughlin – Carson Elementary
What Stops Erosion Best? Odin Johnson – Carson Elementary
Thin Ice: Which Fillers Have the Greatest Effect on the Strength of Ice? Harlow Kroehl- Steele Elementary
Fastest Way to Solve a Rubik’s Cube – Tasman Davidson- Inspire Elementary

How the Source of Water affects its Purity- Mateo Manago- Denver Language School
Measuring the Impact of Different Types of Liquids on Plant Growth- Kaiden Lee Barwick Denver Language School
Cleaning an Oil Spill: The Effect of Different Liquids Mixed with Iron Filings in Removing Oil from Water – Julianna Combs – Skinner Middle School

How is the Health of Plants Affected by the Type of Water Used to Water Them – Genevieve Marbach and Leyla Drabkin-Schade – DCIS Baker
The Effect of Sediment Diameter on Aquatic Plants Root Growth – Holden Berry- Hershey – Skinner Middle School
Seeing Color – Maggie Benoit – Skinner Middle School
How do different types of compost impact plant growth – Tai-Shan Barwick – Denver Language School

How Words Affect Visual Perception – Mylan Trinh – Skinner Middle School
The Effective Bridge Design on How Much Weight A Bridge Can Hold- Eva Kolb – Skinner Middle School