Science Fair Registration, Guidelines and Resources

See you next year for the 2025 Science Fair at CSU Spur!

Guidelines & Resources

DPS Science Fair Guidelines 

DPS Science Fair Checklist and Media Release Forms– Must be completed and signed by a parent and brought the day of the fair

English Spanish French Chinese Amharic Vietnamese Nepali Arabic Somali

DPS Science Fair Rubric -Scoresheet & criteria for judging of projects

English Spanish French Chinese Amharic Vietnamese Nepali Arabic Somali

Science Fair Resource Lessons Slide Deck for Teachers-Ready made slides and resources to help students with the science fair process

Science Fair Display Guidelines- gives proper dimensions and requirements for science fair display board.

***PLEASE NOTE: The only materials permitted at the DPS Science Fair is the display board (see Science Fair Display Guidelines) and captioned pictures. If students are in pictures, please ensure they have media releases. No other physical materials are permitted. Any additional materials brought by the student during check-in and registration that is not the project board will be immediately return to students prior to judging.

Other information:

  • Elementary schools (K – 6th grade) may enter 12 projects total.

  • Middle schools (6th – 8th grade) may enter 9 projects total.

  • High schools  (9th – 12th grade) may enter 12 projects total.

  • Kindergarten – 8th schools may enter 21 projects total.

  • 6th – 12th grade schools may enter 21 projects total.

  • Kindergarten – 12th grade schools may enter 33 projects total.

  • A maximum of 4 Students are allowed to present on one project

Projects may be divided in any way a school chooses – a certain number per grade level, all projects representing one grade level, or any combination desired by the school.