Presenting Black Student Voices in Color, a podcast produced by Black DPS Students since 2020. Continuing the work of the visionaries who came before us, scholars will indulge in self and community exploration and civic engagement through podcasting. Students are also participating in LAUNCH internship, a paid young professionals work program through DPS. 

The vision for the multi-year sustainability and expansion of the Student Voices Podcast Network is to empower and amplify the voices of students, providing them with a platform to share their perspectives, ideas, and experiences. This vision aligns with the ethos of the educational system, recognizing the importance of student ownership of their school experiences and the need for schools to reflect local needs more closely in their approaches.


By implementing this vision and strategy, the goal is to create a dynamic and engaging platform that amplifies student voices, fosters collaboration and community building, and empowers students to develop key skills such as communication, critical thinking, and creativity. 

The student centered goals of the BSVP Program is to encourage scholars to:

  • Discover the power of their own voice and know that their experiences and stories matter

  • Learn about the power and importance of listening

  • Gain empathy and understanding for people who are different from themselves

  • Find strength in stories of people like themselves who succeeded despite personal challenges and social barriers.

Goals Based on Culturally Responsive Mindsets

  • My Responsibility SVP is responsible for cultivating experiences where students and team members thrive intellectually, socially, and emotionally.

  • Self SVP encourages students to reflect on their identity, beliefs, and viastes to deepen their cultural competence.

  • Global Context SVP will teach students to develop critical consciousness and work to dismantle systems of power and privilege that impact our community, ourselves, and our learning. 

  • Building Relationships SVP will aide in cultivating and maintaining meaningful relationships where all members of the community are honored and affirmed in their full humanity.

  • High Expectations SVP will maintain consistent and clear high expectations, regardless of identity or background, for all students, families, and team members.

Learning Conditions SVP will co-create safe, humanizing, joyful, and equitable learning and working environments where we all have agency, well-being is a priority, and we experience a sense of belonging.

Podcast Hosts and Producers

Student Hosts

Davon Land photo

Davon Land

Russell Patton photo

Russell Patton

Savannah Bland photo

Savannah Bland

Aniah Harvey photo

Aniah Harvey

Cheyenne Jackson photo

Cheyenne Jackson

Lyric Marshbank photo

Lyric Marshbank

Iris Hurd photo

Iris Hurd

Jalissa Cooper photo

Jalissa Cooper

Justine Tipton photo

Justine Tipton

Obinna Chris-Ukelonu photo

Obinna Chris-Ukelonu

Devan Womley photo

Devan Womley

Mackenzie Lemmond photo

Mackenzie Lemmond

Dionna Austin photo

Dionna Austin

Dillion Beasley photo

Dillion Beasley


K'iara Roberts photo

K'iara Roberts

Bethany Kime photo

Bethany Kime

Holly Wells photo

Holly Wells

Carleen Brown photo

Carleen Brown

Javier Ibarra photo

Javier Ibarra

Don Pearce photo

Don Pearce

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Roberto Gaytan