Why Work for Denver Math Fellows?

Find your Purpose
Math Fellows are an integral part of helping students in Denver Public Schools close their academic gaps in mathematics. Our program is also key to closing the opportunity gap and providing tutoring to those who cannot afford private tutoring. Come join DMF in making an impact on student learning. 

As a Career Changer
Teaching is a meaningful way to enhance your workforce skills and make a difference in the lives of students. Many of our career changer fellows have found great success because of their already developed professional skills in time management, organization, and customer service. Students also benefit from the unique perspectives on how math might apply to other professions and industries. 

As a College student
DMF is a great opportunity for students still in college or just finishing up a degree. Many college students use DMF as an opportunity to try on their education hat and see if it is a good fit before committing time and money to a teacher credential program and career in education. Pre-written curriculum and so much support from your coordinators and team will guarantee you are completely set up for success. Come try out education, then decide what career path is right for you. No matter what career path you ultimately choose, you will have some amazing professional skills developed that will easily transfer. 

Grad School Partnerships 
If you have decided that teaching is in fact for you but don’t have a teaching license yet, we have partnerships with a few different grad school programs that will help you get your teaching credential while continuing to gain on the ground experience in the classroom setting. DMF is also a great way to get some experience and exposure to the DPS district. Many of our fellows, after getting a teaching license, go on to be full time teachers in DPS classrooms. 

Give Back
You might find that a year of service giving back to the community impacts your life as much as the lives of the students. If you are looking to build some meaningful relationships with students that might change the course of their lives forever, this is the place for you. 

Benefits and Schedule
As an employee of DPS, you will have year round pay and full access to medical, dental, and vision benefit options. DPS also offers a confidential, no-cost Employee Assistance Program which supports mental health, legal, and financial needs. Additionally, as a Math Fellow, your daily schedule and yearly calendar will mirror that of the teachers and students: same school holidays and summers off.