The time to order your buses (DPS schools only) for the Shakespeare Festival has arrived. Here the necessary info you will need to know to order your bus.

  • School secretaries will need to submit bus requests online, through Trip Tracker

  • Have your secretary enter “DOWNTOWN” as your destination, and “SHAKESPEARE FESTIVAL” as your Trip Name.

  • Buses are $277 per bus, paid by your school

  • Know an approximate number of participants and wheelchair accessibility needs.

  • Options for departure times is 9:15am and return times are 1:30pm or 5:00pm. All bus requests need to be made by the first Friday in March. However, we encourage teachers to begin bus requests as soon as possible.

  • Upon departure: your whole group must be present. Return buses will not be assigned to individual schools. Once your entire group boards, you must specify your return destination.