Comprehensive Health Overview

What is Comprehensive Health?  Comprehensive Health education equips students with the necessary knowledge and skills for lifelong health. It focuses on teaching core functional skills such as goal setting, advocacy, interpersonal communication, analyzing influences, self-management, decision-making, and accessing comprehensive health information.

Who will be taking the Comprehensive Health course? This new course work will be required for two groups of students.  The middle school class of 2026 must complete the developmentally appropriate coursework. The class of 2027 and beyond will be required to take a one semester class for Comprehensive Health before they graduate.

Students who are in grades k-5th for the school year 2023-2024 may be offered Comprehensive Health lessons throughout their school year.

What topics will be covered? The content covers various health topics including nutrition, hygiene, communication, emotional awareness and regulation, sexual health, bullying, drugs/alcohol, and safety. These skills and topics form the foundation for fostering healthy individuals, building strong relationships, and creating thriving communities.

Is Comprehensive Health mandatory? Guided by student voice and alumni partnership, in June 2021, the DPS Board of Education determined that a one semester Comprehensive Health course will be required to earn a Denver Public Schools High School diploma for the class of 2027 and all students moving forward. Regulatory document DPS Policy IKF-R3 outlines requirements and steps for approval.

Guardians may opt their students out of the sexual health lessons only by contacting their schools.

How will Comprehensive Health be taught in Denver Public Schools? Comprehensive Health will be taught using a collaborative approach, incorporating caregiver and student voices, and leading with a focus on inclusive and stigma-free dialogue to foster empathy and empowerment for all students. The skills-based instruction will address diverse perspectives and community resources, preparing individuals to navigate life confidently and giving them the tools to make the healthiest choices for themselves.

Comprehensive Health Team

Juliana Evans

Juliana Evans: Comprehensive Health Curriculum Specialist -


Molly Alderton: Sexual Education Program Specialist -

Sarah Hoover

Sarah Hoover: Youth Engagement Specialist -