What Our Fellows Have to Say – Testimonials!

Math Fellows are an integral part of helping students in Denver Public Schools close their academic gaps in mathematics. Our program is also key to closing the opportunity gap and providing tutoring to those who cannot afford private tutoring.

The Math Fellows who have spent time supporting students with small group math instruction have shared how working with students has impacted their lives and the lives of students. In addition to supporting students in closing the opportunity gap, some Math Fellows have become Residents of a graduate program and are working towards their Colorado Teaching License and a Master of Arts in Teaching.


“The Denver Math Fellows program spoke to me because it allows for a lower stakes entry point to a career in education. The support from coordinators, exemplary teachers, and administrators has allowed me to practice and prepare properly to be an effective educator.” Sean LeFever, Math Fellow Resident – Summit Academy

“Denver Math Fellows has been a great experience for me. It’s very meaningful to help students believe in themselves, work towards fulfilling their potential and close the opportunity gap. I have learned so much and continue to learn about how to serve our students through teaching.” Carla Dickson, Math Fellow Resident – Denver Center for 21st Century Learning

“When I first joined DMF 8 years ago, I recognized disparities and inequities across various school districts within the Denver metro area, and I wanted to close those opportunity gaps.  Working in small groups has allowed me to improve outcomes for Denver students, one child at a time. My passion is small group work, but as the needs of our students and school community have changed, particularly in the last two years, I balance small group work with the capacity to guest teach when needed. I am honored to give back to the place I’ve called home for nearly 30 years.” Debra Daniels, Math Fellow – Grant Ranch K-8

“Working for the Denver Math Fellows has been a fun learning experience for me this year. It provides a good place to see what teaching is like without an overwhelming number of kids. You learn a lot of stuff about how to set up lessons in an environment that is supportive and takes feedback seriously. Also, you get to work with a bunch of super cool kids. Overall I have enjoyed my experience working as a Math Fellow this year.” Riley Nussbaum, Math Fellow – Northeast Early College

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